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Yoga for Seniors: The Whole Body with Michelle Rubin

Yoga for Seniors: The Whole Body with Michelle Rubin

If you are looking for a full-length class of chair yoga, this is absolutely perfect. Michelle gently strengthens and stretches the whole body, all while seated in a chair. It’s perfect for seniors or people with a disability.

Gentle Yoga for Seniors – Start Your Yoga Journey Today

Gentle yoga for seniors is one of the best ways to reduce stiffness and get more energy. In this video, yoga instructor Cat Kabira provides an introduction to yoga for older adults. She will explain what yoga really is and will walk through some of the equipment that you might want to have available as you begin your yoga journey.

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34 thoughts on “Yoga for Seniors: The Whole Body with Michelle Rubin

  1. A week ago I was already a fan of Michelle Rubin's compassionate and expert approach to yoga for seniors, but now after experiencing this wonderful youtube video for several more times, I take three really deep breaths all through my body and say, "wow!!!" Michelle's approach has amazing potential to increase self-compassionate flexibility and externally radiating caring of mind-body-breath/whole spirit if done, as Michelle teaches, only to the extent poses and moves "are available to you," working gently at your own pace, taking breathing/rest breaks as needed. Michelle's gentle humor and natural, authentic demeanor and words are a tonic: great joy! Her phrasing is adorable, and friendly.
    You can only get the full impact of how especially good a teacher Michelle is if you watch and listen (while working at your own pace) to the entire youtube of over 50 minutes. And it only gets better with repeat viewings because there's depth as well as surface here.
    Tonight, after two weeks (on alternating days) of doing at-my-own-pace workouts with this, the concluding poses after 50 minutes evoked deep gratitude at an experiential whole-being state of experience. This work seems to be pulling together into greater refinement many layers of learning (and teaching) over many years of spiritual growth and conscious evolution. In areas where I teach, I'd have been a better teacher, in turn, if I'd honored this type of practice consistently throughout the years. But as the saying goes, "it takes what it takes."
    Take this on, if you want opportunity over time for a great experience with chair yoga for seniors and the whole body!

  2. Huge gratitude to Michelle Rubin for her excellent, caring, expert yoga youtube presentations for seniors. I love this! Thanks to Michelle for expressing that we can do it slower than she goes (and there are repetitions for each component part) or, if we ever get that proficient, faster's okay, too! By having the entire presentation on a laptop outside my ambit of movement and doing what I could — more each time — by the third time I'd gotten much better at following the routine. I'm 63 and although I had a little experience with yoga in the past (more practice with Hsing-I Chuan and jogging), a few years ago I had a bone-shattering injury that required surgery and titanium, and afterward exercise was harder, plus a weight gain. Intermittent fasting and careful nutrition has been slowly taking the weight off, plus outdoor walks, and now I'm adding Michelle's chair yoga to Hsing-I exercises (one of which, the "turning exercise, done standing) reminds me of some of these yoga moves. The good stuff about breath and body have interconnections that way, and I'm grateful to find this yoga which is already helping my neck and spine (affected by the surgery previously, something allopathic physical therapy and follow-up breath-related metaphysics hadn't fully resolved).

  3. This is beautiful, just started doing this Yoga and find it really great. Going on to 66 in a couple of months, I wish to do this every two days and the next day, another more tedious movements on the floor. Thank you

  4. three months prior to April 2016 I took up "The Whole body with Michelle Rubin" In April I underwent my quadruple heart by pass. I would like to think the exercises gave me some assistance in getting through the experience. Then I suffered a small stroke in July, and then a Gall bladder removal in March this year (Not having a good time am I) However have just returned to the exercises and health wise I am pretty good. So Michelle……………………….THANKS

  5. Yes I love it.  She does go fast at times, but always repeats to rest when needed and do your own pace.  Thank you Michelle

  6. I am 63 I went to a couples of classes that buried me in too much work.  I wondered if I was not for the yoga or going to the wrong class

  7. I have glaucoma and have been practicing yoga every day for a year now. I just found out thou that the pressures in my eyes have started to go and I believe it has to do with yoga positions that are considered inversions. I'm looking for a nice body flow that addresses this condition so that I feel like I'm getting a good all body work out for 30 minutes a day. I'm also a little confused as to what the parameters are around inversion posses are. Thanks for your help

  8. I've practiced yoga for at least 10 years and was looking for something suitable to suggest for my older friends. I tried this and loved it. I'm adding it to my own rotation. Thanks so much.

  9. The trouble is, I was about 1/3 way through this video. I was getting ready to do some
    stretching, and begin, wondering when the introduction dialog would end, even though the gal was pleasant to listen to. I didn't skip ahead, but instead, went directly to the comments. Then, I checked to make sure that this long video did not one stretch/pose. 🙁
    See this for what it is, an advertisement to BUY a paid program. It's perfectly fine to get paid, but this video is deceptive, without even offering a 5 minute sample? If you had prefaced it with 'this is an explanation of our program, the benefits of yoga, and what we have to offer', it would have more integrity. Because of this, I am looking elsewhere.

  10. The intro was great and very inviting… I was all ready to try it, but was disappointed to not find another video with some simple poses to start… A sample would be better …

  11. The first thingI noticed…Yoga is supposed to be relaxing but all the talking is stressing me out already!!! By the time you reach 60, we've had it with all the talk, gimmicks and such, blah, blah, blah. If you really have something to offer us – Get to it! Show us what you have for us!

  12. I know its a gamble buying this program so I would like to share my experience. I am almost forty and suffer from painful, tight, spasming muscles. This is a great way that I can get a gentle stretch to my locked up muscles. Its convenient because I can do it at home and a lot more affordable than the studio I was going to. Plus, surprisingly, the background is so beautiful I dont even miss the relaxing yoga studio environment. I am so thankful for this series!

  13. The videos are brilliant, and Kat explains everything very clearly, so after the first couple of times you can focus on what you are doing without needing to watch. She also suggests modifications for beginners or people who working with challenges. There are 7 videos which focus on a different area each day, I've been doing them every morning for a couple of months, and I have less joint pain, and my balance is improving. I have a sedentary job and I don't play any sports, and I was starting to feel older than my real age, but it really feels like these short simple sessions have turned back the clock.

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