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Treadmills have become extremely popular over the years. You may need to check this Treadmill Buying Guide to find your path in this jungle…

They are specifically designed to enhance the most popular form of exercising – running and walking. Treadmills are built on the idea that the more effort you put in, the more you get out.

As other fitness equipment fads come and go, treadmills gain popularity and get results.

Advantage of a Personal Treadmill ?

Treadmills Burn Calories Fast

Treadmill machines are a great way to workout. They are high impact cardio vascular machines and help to burn calories fast. However before one buys a treadmill machine, it’s important to know about the various models and types, which are readily available in the market. This helps people to choose what is best for them.

The cost of the treadmill machines can be as low as $200 and can go as high as $3000. Therefore it’s essential that one has a budget and buys according to their requirements. This also gives the power of negotiation in the hands of the customers.

The higher end of the treadmills has various functions, various resistance levels, control panel and adjustable speeds. Since there are so many treadmills, which are available in the market, a customer can get confused.

Therefore to make the confusion go away, customers should read the, the reviews make it easier for customers to make a decision about treadmill exercise machines, thus, these reviews are advantageous for everyone. The factors on which the reviews of the exercise treadmills rests are the price, the various resistance levels offered, the control panel, whether the running belt can be folded away or not and the number of years for which the warranty is offered.

Warranty should be considered when the treadmills are been purchased especially if they are powered. Since they are going to be used regularly, there are chances that at times, some component may go bad. Therefore there should be a warranty of at least three years for the mechanical parts. Decent reviews describe which treadmill exercise machines are good and those that don’t reach up to the mark. You can look at these reviews on the websites as well as in exercise magazines.

Online is a cheaper method and you have access to the equivalent of hundreds of magazines, however the quality will not be as good.

Treadmills Boost your health

Treadmills are very popular methods of exercise. These exercise machines have been helping people lose weight and get in shape for many years now. Buying a treadmill is not hard but if you have ever done it, you know that it can be expensive. It is an investment you will greatly benefit from but you need to choose carefully before you buy.

There are many reasons why you would choose a treadmill for yourself. You can improve your fitness and your health. You can build and maintain your fitness level all in the comfort of your home. However, you also need to be sure that before you buy a treadmill and begin a training program that you do it in the correct way to remain safe and healthy.

Before you purchase a treadmill you need to know what features to look for to be sure you are getting the best one for you and your needs. Some things to look for are:

  • The Motor: A motorized treadmill has an inbuilt motor that makes the belt and lift operate. A bonus of motorized treadmills is that they let you raise and lower the incline easily. With motors you can change the pace of your workout how you need it to be
  • Horsepower: The horsepower is the measure of the treadmill motor. The continuous horsepower is how well the treadmill can work without lagging. The peak horsepower is how much power the treadmill has for short bursts.
  • Incline: The incline is used to mimic the natural human style of walking or running. Manual incline lets you change it yourself by speeding up your pace. A power incline lets you adjust the incline while you are walking or running.
  • Belts and Decks: A thicker belt gives you more cushion for your legs and joints. Short belts give you a faster pace and some people prefer these.
  • Speed: When you think of a treadmill, you often think of the speed. Most go from 0 to 10 MPH.
  • Computer Controls: Treadmills all have some type of computer control to keep them going. Many have odometers and speedometers and some even have pre-programmed workouts.

Treadmills For Great Cardio

Treadmills machines are one of the best cardio vascular exercise machine and the most popular too. With the whole nation embracing the idea of fitness, treadmills machines are an essential part of the workout. They are easy, convenient to use, suit all budgets and can be used at home too.

Therefore one doesn’t necessarily have to visit he gym to stay fit. You can also operate the treadmills machine at any time of the day. Therefore it’s an ideal way to lose the calories and stay in shape, especially for stay at home moms, busy executives, older people and even an athlete.

There are innumerable options that are available. There are manual treadmills machines as well as motorized or which need electricity to run. Of course the manual treadmills machine is convenient and can easily be folded away and kept.

However these machines don’t have many programs or resistance levels. Compared to that, motorized treadmills machines are more bulky, but these treadmills machines offer a variety of resistance levels, speeds and other functions. They are also more expensive. The options that are offered are a control panel, which shows the heart rate, the pulse rate, the speed as well as the number of the calories burnt on the treadmills machines.

There are also various inclines and speeds as well as programs that suit all age groups and types of workouts. Usually the more expensive treadmills machines will have more features.

Treadmills machines start at $500 and can cost up to $3000. It’s important that when you buy treadmills machines, you should have looked at many treadmill machines and their features as well as the cost factor.

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Therefore it’s important to note the minimum and the maximum speeds of the treadmills machine, the incline levels as well as the type and the number of workouts that are provided. Check for the warranty period of the machine as well as the parts of the machine. This will ensure that the treadmills machines that you purchase gives you the optimum workout.

Treadmills For Health And Life.

Its not always practical to go outside to jog or walk. Maybe you live in the big city or maybe its winter and you cant really enjoy the outdoors. Thats where exercise treadmills come in.

Treadmills allow you the freedom to simulate walking and jogging without having to actually go anywhere. Simply put, exercise treadmills have a conveyor belt which moves antagonistically to the users direction of horizontal movement. Okay, that may not have been simple. Essentially, the belt on treadmills moves in the opposite direction that you do.

Exercise treadmills have been heavily endorsed by most health experts since walking is considered one of the best cardiovascular workouts possible. We all know that combining a good workout plan with a good eating plan is the best way to lose weight and stay fit.
Exercise treadmills help you do that in any weather, on your terms. The speed of the treadmills can be adjusted to suit your capabilities so you wont injure yourself.

There are two basic types of exercise treadmills: manual treadmills and electric treadmills.

  • In manually operated treadmills, you act as the engine. The belt only moves when youre actually walking on it, so the faster you go the faster it goes.
  • Electric exercise treadmills tend to be a little more polished. The speed of the belt can be adjusted by speed controls so you can set it to any speed youre comfortable with. These treadmills also tend to have more sophisticated displays and can usually monitor your heart rate. This is especially important for people who have heart conditions but also need to keep fit.

Of course, you have to pay for these extras and electric exercise treadmills can cost as much as ten times the amount of manual treadmills. The actual price of the treadmills depends on their level of quality and durability. Another factor is how smart the treadmills are. You read right.

Todays high end treadmills actually have the ability to change their speed to match your pace, without you having to adjust anything.

Disavantage of Treadmill

Unfortunately, exercise treadmills are excessively boring since theres no change in scenery.

And they take up a fair amount of space in your home. ( there is a recovery for this point. You may consider foldable Treadmill)

Plus, you need to make sure small children cant get on the treadmills so they dont hurt themselves.

Still, exercise treadmills are growing in popularity. Theres not a quality gym that doesnt boast at least three treadmills these days.

Treadmills really are a great way to shed those few extra pounds or just keep in shape, especially if youve got some music on.

Tips Before Buying your personal Treadmill

Treadmill Buying Guide - Advantage, Tips and Criteria buying a Treadmill

The #1 fear that people have when investing in a home treadmill (or any piece of exercise equipment) is that they won’t use it.

You know the story. It gets delivered, you set it up and enjoy it for a few days…and then it sits…and waits.

A few months down the road, you notice how dusty it has become and how much space it’s taking up. And you remember how much weight you were determined to lose by using it faithfully every day. But now, unfortunately, it doubles as a clothes rack.

Never fear. This article will help you make sure that DOESN’T happen.

A treadmill provides the best overall cardiovascular workout & it’s still the number one exercise machine for those who want to lose weight. So it’s an investment in your health that will pay large dividends…if you are prepared to get the maximum benefit from it!

Here are 5 easy ways to get the BEST use from your home treadmill:

#1) Do your research first

 Treadmill Buying Tip 1 Do your research first

Make sure you look at what each treadmill offers you and compare it to your unique needs.

For example, if you live in a condo and/or like things neat and clean, a folding treadmill might suit you best. If you want a folding treadmill, do you prefer a manual folding treadmill (like most folding treadmills) or do you want a shock-assisted folding treadmill with wheels on the bottom that’s easy to move?

If you like to drink water during your workout, make sure there’s a water bottle holder included in the treadmill console (it might surprise you how many treadmills do not have this feature.)

Do you get bored easily and need a challenge? What about getting a treadmill with lots of user programs or one that is iFit compatible?

These things may seem little and maybe it might cost you a bit more; but if it means you’re actually going to enjoy your workout it will be well worth it!

#2) Place the treadmill in a ‘happy’ spot.

By ‘happy’ I mean well-lit, open and stimulating. Don’t put it so you face the bare wall when you walk or run. I’ve tried this this and the workouts don’t last long! If you get bored easily, put it facing the television or facing a window where you can have an attractive view while working out.

Rooms and spaces have definite ‘feels’ to them and that will affect the success of your workouts. Make sure your treadmill is placed in an area that makes you feel energized, happy and mentally stimulated.

#3) Get your exercise arsenal ready BEFORE the treadmill arrives.

Do you like listening to fast music when you exercise? Do you like watching your favorite movies? What about reading magazines? What inspires you to work out and feel your best?

Get these things ready even before your treadmill arrives and you’ll be three-quarters of the way there. Have several workout or favorite CD’s around. Get your favorite movies or shows on tape. Gather your favorite magazines.

By having an ‘exercise’ stash around your treadmill, you’ll be inspired to workout AND you won’t be stuck running around looking for something to do when you want to start exercising.

Again, this may seem simple, but it works. Why do you think gyms have magazines, televisions and CD players handy?

#4) Make an exercise plan.

Before you start working out, try making a plan, a “roadmap to your rock-hard body” so to speak. By writing down how long and what kind of workout you’ll be doing in week 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, you’ll get yourself psyched up for success.

Remember that every time you workout, you are planting the seeds for the kind of dream body that you want.

By having a plan, you can see just how many seeds you’ve planted (and even how long it will take to start reaping the results!) Have fun with it and you’ll be motivated to achieve your health goals (and get maximum benefits from your treadmill!)

#5) Track your progress

Ok this is related to #4 but it’s more of an ongoing thing. By tracking your progress every day, you get a major sense of accomplishment which snowballs into even greater fat-burning results.

I suggest you have ‘minimum goals’ like “I’ll walk for at least 10 minutes.” or “I’ll do 5-30 second intervals.” These are easy to do and you’ll probably go beyond them – which will encourage you even further and heighten your sense of accomplishment.

And of course, you’re also getting maximum benefit from your treadmill!

Those are 5 ways to get best use from your home treadmill. Just remember that even a little bit of preparation will pay off large dividends in the long run.

Which is a Better Workout: Treadmill or Elliptical Trainer ?

Criteria for Chosing the right Treadmill

The two most popular forms of exercising are running and walking. Whether you are a casual walker or a serious runner, a treadmill can accommodate your exercise needs. Set the speed and incline to suite your desired cardiovascular goals. You can do a power walk up an incline or a heart pumping run at high speed.

The treadmill is unsurpassed for a cardiovascular workout. It works the large muscles in your body. According to a recent study calories burned on the treadmill for 60 minutes averaged 865 – 705. Contrast that with; The stair machine (746-637), rowing machine (739-606), stationary cycle with levers (709-509), the stationary cycle (604-498). As you can see from the figures the treadmill is unmatched for burning calories.

Exercise treadmills wil give a good workout whatever the weather. In warm or wet regions, you don’t need to be concerned about heat exhaustion in hot and humid weather.

Injuries that plague runners and walkers due to the constant pounding of joints on asphalt and concrete are eliminated or drastically reduced by users of treadmills. Injuries are less common and stress is reduced on those critical joints. Achilles tendons, knee joints, back muscles, ankles, thighs take less of a beating, which guarantee that you’ll continue to walk or run into your old age.

As treadmills become more sophisticated so does the versatility of the workout. Speed and incline have always been a feature on motorized treadmills, but now your workout is enhanced by a variety of preprogrammed computerized exercises.

Simulate running up and down hills, focus on cardio exercise, concentrate on burning calories, or work on speed training. Often treadmills have preset programs with various levels of intensity. In addition you can program your own workout, combining speed with incline.

A good treadmill is a balance of power, stability and fun. Your ability to find the right machine will depend upon why you want one and how much you can pay. Buy the best machine you can afford paying attention to the following features:

Treadmill Criteria 1: Frame

Frame: High alloy steel is usually more durable than aluminum, however they are heavier and must be coated to protect the treadmill from rust. Get on the treadmill, if it feels wobbly and flimsy, then it is. Selected a welded frame over a bolted one and avoid all plastic frames.

Treadmill Criteria 2: Hand Rails

Hand Rails: The location of the hand rails is a matter of preference. Whether you desire a handlebar in front or two side rails, be sure they are sturdy and don’t get in the way of your arm swings.

Treadmill Criteria 3: AC or DC Motor

AC or DC Motor: Most home units are DC, but commercial treadmills may have either AC or DC. AC motors tend to be noisier and generally require a dedicated power line.

Treadmill Criteria 4: Horsepower

Horsepower: Check for the continuous-duty rating for the motor’s true horsepower. Anything less than 1.5 continuous-duty horsepower can quickly be worn out.

Treadmill Criteria 5: Speed

Speed: Most treadmills run from 0 to 10 mph. A good machine will match the pace you feel comfortable walking or running. A safe starting speed of 0.5 mph or less is also very important for safety reasons.

Treadmill Criteria 6: Belt

Belt: Be sure the length of the walking/running surface is long enough for your longest stride. The width of the belt should be no less than 16″ from a wear and tear standpoint as well as comfortable striding. Be sure you can comfortably reach the treadmill controls without stepping on the motor housing as well.

Treadmill Criteria 7: Deck

Deck: This is one of the critical quality elements of the treadmill. Quality decks shouldn’t need much maintenance and they operate at a low temperature.

Treadmill Criteria 8: Impact Resilience

Impact Resilience: This is the treadmill’s ability to absorb the force from the impact of your feet. The lower the impact on your body, the better.

Treadmill Criteria 9: Incline Adjustment

Incline Adjustment: There’s a variety of ways to adjust the incline of a treadmill, from the automatic incline which changes depending upon your heart rate, to pushing a bottom on the console, to the less sophisticated methods of a manual hand crank or manually setting pins.

Quality electronic incline adjustment shouldn’t be noisy or cause the machine to shake at any grade.

Treadmill Criteria 10: Control Panel

Control Panel: Generally computerized panels are standard thesedays. They range from basic and simple to the complex and fully programmable.

It all depends on what features you require. Various control panel options can push up the price so purchase only what you will regularly use.

Treadmill Criteria 11: Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors: This is generally an optional feature. Accuracy varies widely with the ear and finger clips being less accurate than the chest strap monitors.

Treadmill Criteria 12: Price

Price: As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. You’re going to invest $1,000 and up in a good quality motorized machine. Spending this kind of money ought to motivate you to do your homework and purchase wisely.

It is important to get yourself on a regular routine. The more time you spend on it, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose.

Find a fitness program that works for you. Depending on your preference, you could combine your workout with music, television or videos.

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