The Full Total Arms Workout Exercices by XHIT Arms [for Women]

The arm is the upper limb of the body, comprising regions between the glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) and the elbow joint. In common usage the arm extends to the hand.

Arms Workout can be divided into the upper arm, which extends from the shoulder to the elbow, the forearm which extends from the elbow to the hand, and the hand. (check wikipedia for more detail).

You will find here my prefered Top 3 Arms Workouts: 2 Xhit Arms Workout and FitSugar 10 minutes for Thigh Arms Workout.

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9 Exercises For Toned Arms: Arms Workout

In order to obtain Toned Arms, follow this XHit Arms Workout by Keyey Lee.
The Arms Workout for Toned Arms is composed into :

  1. Outward Abductors
  2. Hammer Curls
  3. Kickbacks
  4. Havyk Raises
  5. OutWard Curls
  6. Tricep Extensions
  7. Hight Pulls
  8. Curl Holds (each Arm)
  9. Close Grip Push Ups

You have to repeat each Toned Arms Exercices 20 times each. Only Exercices 8 & 9 should be done 10 times.
Here the video for Tones Arms Workouts by Xhit Arms:

The Best Total Arms Workout

Presented by The top Fitness trainer Rebecca Louise, here an excellent Arms Workout: It is absolutely the Best Totam Arm Workout.

  • First, do 30 secondes with Big 30
  • Then 15′ with Arnold Presses
  • Follow with 12′ Complex Shoulder Raise
  • Next IN & OUT hammer Curls
  • 15′ of Cult & Flip
  • 12′ of 12’s
  • 15 seconds of tricep Kickbacks
  • 10′ Overhead Extension
  • The Final exercices for Arms is 15 seconds of Body Weight Dips

Get the Tightest Arms in Town With This 10-Minute Workout

The next Arms Workout is offered by FitSugar. It will help you getting Tigh Arms within of 10 minutes regular workout.

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