List of The 10 best Post-Workout & Recovery Supplements [Review – 2018]

Benefits of Post Workout Supplement

Gain Lean Muscle Mass (Not Fluff)

Who wants that soft, bloated and fluffy look? Didn’t think so! The unique combination in Genius Creatine is specifically meant to marginalize water retention. Creatine HCL (hydrochloride) has been shown to increase fat loss while increasing muscle mass! Creapure has been show to increase mass without any fat while CarnoSyn truly is a strength supplement! Build lean muscle without the bloat.

Faster Post Workout Recovery

Creatine has many post workout benefits, including increased blood and nutrient flow to the muscles, ultimately accelerating the recovery process. Recent studies have shown that taking creatine immediately post-workout is superior to pre-workout, as it pertains to body composition and strength.

Designed Specifically to Increase Muscle Strength

Creatine and beta alanine have shown a unique synergy and with both showing unique strength-enhancing properties, Genius Creatine truly is a strength supplement. With consistent use, you can expect consistent improvements in muscular endurance (more reps) as well as strength and power.

Pain Relief

Contains Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine is a pain fighter. It can potentiate the effects of analgesics used during recuperation from injury and has the potential to aid post-workout recovery.

Increased Exercise Performance

The Oligopeptide-Based Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) may act as a better transport vehicle, allowing for more efficient support in muscle recovery, endurance, and exercise performance.

Top 10 best Post-Workout & Recovery Supplements for Men and Women

Here our selectoon for the best 10 Post Workout And Recovery Supplement for both Men and Women review:

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