Cardio Boxing Exercices

Top Cardio Boxing Workout for Women Challenges

Boxing is such an amazing workout! It’s incredibly meditative and powerful. It’s not all about the punches, it’s about the focus, the drive, the agility and empowerment! If you’re stressed, it’s an amazing hour to take your mind and heart somewhere else, because all of your focus is right there in your hands. (source: SYC: BOXING WITH K&K! […]

Best Fat Burners Supplement Review

Top 10 Fat Burners for Woman – Help you Burn Fat Faster – Updated Oct 2017

In order to help lose weight faster, you can consider take, as supplement, fat burner. Here you will find the top 10 Fat Burners for Women such as Garcinia Cambogia, Cali Thermogenic Diet Pill, Pure Chia Seed Extract, GENIUS BURN. For Each Fat Burners Supplements, you will find the main ingredients, how to use and the benefits. Discloser: before taking […]

Upper Body Workout for Women

Top 3 Upper Body Workouts Routine for Women ( with additional 3 Home based workout )

Upper Body workout is an important workout for women. It includes exercising Arms, Shoulders, back and Core. I have selected  some Upper Body Workout created specifically for women.  First you will find our selection for Top 3 Upper Body Workout for Women. Then, I found it very practical to include a list of Women Upper Body Workout you […]

Best Pre Workout Supplements, List of Top 4 Vitamin Code Men's Multivitamin with Review and Benefits; Tribulus Terrestris

The Top 8 Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women

The Top 8 Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women Here are the 8 best pre workout supplements for women: Cellucor C4 Cellucor C4 has been one of the top pre-workout supplements on the market for the past few years. It features a rapid absorption and NO3 technology. It will give you explosive workouts and intense pumps while in […]

Best Fat Burners Supplement Review

Top 5 Best Thermogenic Weight Loss Pills for Men & Women Review

What’s Thermogenic ? Thermogenic means tending to produce heat, and the term is commonly applied to drugs which increase heat through metabolic stimulation, or to microorganisms which create heat within organic waste. Approximately all enzymatic reaction in the human body is thermogenic, which gives rise to the basal metabolic rate. In bodybuilding, athletes wishing to lose fat purportedly […]