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The MU Extension Stay Strong, Stay Healthy program is designed to increase aging adults’ access to a safe, structured and effective strength-training program.

Each session includes a prescribed set of eight upper and lower body exercises. Participants are made to feel comfortable regardless of their current fitness level so they can safely participate and gradually build the strength beneficial to health.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy DVD

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy (SSSH) is modeled after the evidence-based StrongWomen program developed by researchers at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science at Tufts University.

The exercises shown on this DVD may require balance, movement, and physical activity that may not be appropriate for everyone and could result in injury. You should not perform any of the exercises if you feel any strain or pain, if they make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, or if you are within any risk group for which such exercises are not recommended. Please check with your doctor before using this exercise DVD. Use of this exercise DVD is at the viewer’s own risk. (source: )

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Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Review

MU Extension’s Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, a 10-week strength-training program for older adults, builds on research showing that improved strength, balance and flexibility in older adults enhances health and quality of life.

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Simple strength-building exercises requiring no equipment other than chairs, scarves and, optionally, hand and ankle weights, make a real difference in the ability of older adults to remain active and independent. Benefits for participants include fewer falls, greater mobility and independence, decreased likelihood of entering a nursing home and reduced need for costly, long-term medical care.

About 1,800 Missouri residents have participated in the program since it started in 2005. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy classes are available in more than two dozen Missouri counties. For more information, see

Others Grow Young interesting Program

Strong Women Stay Young

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Turn back the clock in just two at-home sessions per week!

Based on results published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, this scientifically proven strength-training program:

  •  Replaces fat with muscle
  • Reverses bone loss
  • Improves energy and balance

What are the years doing to your body?

  • Have you lost strength?
  • Does a busy day leave you worn out?
  • Must you eat less to maintain your weight?
  • Are your favorite sports less fun than they used to be?
  • Do you notice fat where there used to be muscle?

Strong Women Stay Young shows women how to get the same remarkable benefits at home or in the office, working out just twice a week. Individualized instructions get couch potatoes started-and help exercise buffs break through plateaus. After just four weeks, you will start seeing Significant improvements. This major new book features:

  • Eight simple, safe exercises done standing or seated-no sweat, no special clothes
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions that any woman can customize to her needs
  • Important new information on muscle, bone, balance, and fitness-explaining why this program works
  • Progress logs for the critical first 12 weeks
  • Bonus: complete strength-training program to do at the gym

This scientifically tested program is proven safe and effective for beginning, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. All it takes is two short sessions a week to improve how you feel, what you can do, and how you look-for the rest of your life!

A Man’s Guide to Healthy Aging: Stay Smart, Strong, and Active

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As they reach middle age, most men begin looking forward to “what’s next.” They gear up to experience renewed productivity and purpose and are more conscious of their health. A Man’s Guide to Healthy Aging is an authoritative resource for them, and for older men, as well. In collaboration with a variety of medical experts, the authors provide a comprehensive guide to healthy aging from a man’s perspective.

Edward H. Thompson, Jr., and Lenard W. Kaye―a medical sociologist and a gerontologist and social worker―offer invaluable information in four parts:

• “Managing Our Lives” describes the actions men can take to stay healthy. Here is information about how to eat well, reduce stress, and stay active for better overall health.

• “Mind and Body” considers how physical health and state of mind are connected. It explores sleep, drug and alcohol use, spirituality, and attitudes about appearance―and explains how all of these factors affect mental health.

• “Bodily Health” examines how body systems function and what changes may occur as men age. It covers the body from head to toe and reviews how to manage chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions.

• “Living with Others” shows the importance of interacting with friends and family. Topics include sexual intimacy, friendship, and caregiving, as well as how men can make the best decisions about end-of-life issues for themselves and their loved ones.

Refuting the ageist stereotype that men spend their later years “winding down,” this book will help men reinvent themselves once, twice, or more―by managing their health, creating new careers, and contributing their skills and experiences to their communities.