Lazar Angelov – Back Workout to Gain Muscle Mass

Lazar Angelov – Back Workout to Gain Muscle Mass

Lazar Angelov has strong genetics, but genetics aren’t the ones who do the hard work. This is why he puts so much dedication in having a strict diet and intense workouts. Gymaholic gives you his secret to obtain a ripped body.

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A Few Words On Lazar Angelov’s Workout

The Bulgarian beast trains 5 times a week, working out different muscle group every day. He mainly focuses on compound movements and he does some isolation exercises for specific muscle groups.

Lazar Angelov lifts heavy, but he always maintains a good form while exercising.

All Workout Exercises  Lazar Angelov -(Arms/ABS/Back/Legs/Shoulders)

Lazar Angelov Workout And Diet Workout Routine: Lazar Angelov Lazar Angelov Chest/Back Workout Lazar Angelov Brust Training<

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