Ichordo Six Pack Fixer – Best Workout & Diet for Six Pack Abs

Best Workouts for SIX PACL Abs FIX

SIX PACK FIX – How To Put ABS in EVERY Exercise!

Need a six pack fix? Are your six pack abs not showing the way you’d like them to?

Well, with the right exercises you can be working your abs, obliques and entire core on every rep of every exercise of every workout you perform.

Let me show you how in this video, my six pack fix – how to put abs in every exercise.

Often times, when people do split muscle group training workouts they think that the only muscles they are targeting is the big one they’re focusing on.

The mistake is that this is too narrow minded. If you just change the way your body is positioned during the exercise you can get those abs fired up and contributing a lot to the exercise – helping you to get a set of six pack abs for yourself much quicker.

Once you’re done watching this, be sure to head over to http://athleanx.com to get your own 6 pack xcelerator kit – my three step solution for getting your abs to pop.

First you’ll see how to activate the abs, then reveal the abs and finally develop the abs!

Then you can completely sculpt your ripped, athletic body by starting the entire ATHLEAN-X Training System.

How to do a succesful diet to get six pack abs 14 weeks dieting

Here are some helpful fitness tips on how to do a diet the right way
when trying to get lean, ripped, or just get six pack abs.

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