The Ultimate Guide to Stability Ball ( Benefits, Exercises and Top 5 )

Stability Ball Exercises

If there is one equipment you should not miss in your training, it is the stability ball.

The market comes up with new training tools every now and then. Yet you are not sure if they do work and if they are safe. So for one that is guaranteed to work, use the stability ball.

What Is a Stability Ball?

This is a large and inflatable ball used as an exercise equipment. Despite being air-filled, it is generally heavy-duty and capable to hold 600 to 700 pounds of weight. It is comfortable and gives good support. It perfectly suits the trainee as it easily goes with the structure of the body.

This exercise tool is also sometimes called as the physioball or the Swiss Ball.

The good thing about using the stability ball is it reduces the perception of working in training, especially for beginners. It gives some element of play as you get rough with the training. It adds some fun and excitement as you advance in the movements and techniques.

Another good point with the ball is that it can be used by anybody. No fitness level is required. It is very portable and light weight, easy to bring along even when traveling. It is also inexpensive compared to other exercise equipment and it could last for a very long time.

Top 5 Stability Balls Compared Table

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How Stability Balls Came About?

The Ultimate Guide to Stability Ball ( Benefits, Exercises and Top 5 )

The use of the stability balls for training can be traced in rehabilitation. As early as the 1900s, physical therapists have been using balls in addressing the neurological disorders of their patients.

Then, in the early 1960s, Aquilino Cosani, an Italian toy maker, made the ball and sold it, known then as the Gymnastik.

Two decades after, Cosani came up with a company called Gymnic and became the major supplier of the stability ball to most rehabilitation programs and centers.

The ball then shifted from the rehabilitation to the athletic area, in the 90s. It was used to condition the body of professional athletes. From then on, the ball became very prominent in the fitness community.

At present medical specialists and fitness professionals very much recommend the use of the stability ball by the public.

It serves more than solving physical problems. It is good in preventing you from having one.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Stability Ball?

The stability ball definitely is best to improve the strength of the abs and the lower-backs. It improves as well the functional strength, balance and flexibility of the body.

1# Maintain Body’s Proper Balance

Proper Alignment Using the ball during training will test the body to make use of the different parts to maintain the proper balance. The dynamic movements during exercise will improve the natural motor reflexes of the body as different muscles are utilized in movement, especially the ones that are not usually used.

The challenge posed by the ball is to maintain balance. As one aims to get the proper balance, the alignment of the body parts is also improved.

2# Abs and Back Exercises become easier

Great Abs For people working out to achieve great abs, this ball can definitely target the abdominal areas. The abs and the back muscles are simultaneously moved as you work in your balance.

Just imagine the good feeling of having a flat stomach area and you will definitely love this ball.

3# Muscle Strength and Endurance

The stability ball can help in alleviating any back pain and preventing one in the future. As all the major muscle groups are exercised, the muscle tone, strength and endurance are also improved. Thus it gives the body flexibility, stability and resistance.

4# Core Stability

This concerns the major muscles that helps stabilize and support all of the body movements. This is made up of back and the deep abdominal muscles.

With the ball, no matter how deep or into the core these muscles are, they are still exercised. This is something only the stability ball can guarantee.

5# Stretching

The ball is a good companion during stretching exercises. With this, you can easily move into and move out of different stretching positions.

6# Losing Weight

With all the good benefits of using the ball, you will not miss out on the aspect of losing weight. With regular exercises and trainings done with the stability ball, a person can lose some unwanted pounds as the body is firmed.

Health is definitely your most important asset. So do your regular exercises and maintain a healthy diet. Furthermore, have a happy and fun training with the stability ball.

The Best Full Stability Ball Workout

1# Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video

Express 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine

2# Stability Ball Total Body Full Workout

Here a full Workout Program using Stability Ball. It is composed by

  • SB Push-Up
  • SB Pike
  • Stability Ball Oblique Crunch
  • SB Bodyweight Squat Squeeze
  • SB Side Lunges
  • Stability Ball Froggers into Taps
  • SB Hamstring Curls
  • SB Glute Bridge
  • Stability Ball Chopper

3# Top 9 Stability Ball Exercises – Stability Ball Workout for Beginners

10-Min Beginner Workout: Did you know that you can use your stability ball for more than just crunches?

Workout your abs, arms, butt, core, glute, hip, legs, thighs and more!

Top 5 Stability Ball Review

1# Black Mountain Products 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump

Black Mountain Products 2000lbs Static Strength Exercise Stability Ball with Pump

Black Mountain Products exercise balance balls are professional grade stability balls that can be used to improve your core strength, balance and overall agility. Black Mountain Products exercise balls have dense walls for ultimate support and durability.

B.M.P. stability balls are weighted-rated up to 2000lbs. Three different size options are available from 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. Recommended sizes for 55cm is 5′ to 5′ 6″ tall, 65cm is 5’6″ to 6′ tall and 75 cm is for 6′ or taller.

Black Mountain Products exercise ball includes a stability ball pump and starter guide. Each abs ball is backed by a manufactures guarantee. Black Mountain Products offers a wide assortment of fitness products which are used in residential homes, commercial gyms, health clubs and medical fields.

  • Professional grade exercise balance ball
  • Balance ball rated up to 2000 lbs.
  • Includes ball pump and starter brochure
  • B.M.P exercise balls come with manufactures warranty
  • Size options: 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm, or 85cm

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2# 2,000 lbs Stability Ball – Professional Grade – Anti Burst

2,000 lbs Stability Ball - Professional Grade - Anti Burst

INFLATES QUICKLY AND EASILY WITH HANDY PUMP TO JUMPSTART YOUR FITNESS WORKOUT ROUTINE: Get a quick start on optimizing your health — every box we ship contains an Exercise Ball that inflates using the hand pump that goes with it. Within minutes, you can use it as a stability ball in any kind of fitness training such as yoga or Pilates, or as a desk chair to correct your posture and support your back when you work.

HEAVY DUTY ANTI-BURST RATING CAN MATCH ANY HEAVYWEIGHT: Our Exercise Ball is manufactured using gym quality standards. When used properly, it can carry the stress of heavy loads up to 2000 lbs without popping to prevent you from being injured. Excess loads above this weight will cause the ball to deflate slowly to ensure your safety.

THICK PVC CASING PROVIDES OPTIMUM PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: Packed with non-toxic PVC material, our stability balls have a thickness of 1,877 micrometers which delivers a greater degree of resistance to sharp objects on the floor or on your clothing that may come in contact with the ball.

NON-SLIP RIBBED BODY STAYS PUT WITH SKIN CONTACT: The PVC body has a matte surface with horizontal ribs contoured all around it — making it easy to hold without slipping while tossing, bouncing or squeezing the ball even with profuse sweat.

FOUR SIZE OPTIONS FOR YOUR COMFORT AND SAFETY: 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm Not sure which is the right size for you? Our size guide helps you determine which size Exercise Ball best matches your intended use based on your body height if used for exercise, and the desk height if used as a chair.

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3# Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness, Stability, Balance & Yoga – Workout Guide & Quick Pump Included

Exercise Ball (Multiple Sizes) for Fitness, Stability, Balance & Yoga - Workout Guide & Quick Pump Included


Do you love working out and rather than endless sit-ups, would like a super convenient way of performing back, stomach and core strengthening exercises?

Would you like a super durable exercise ball with an ultra safe, high grip surface?

If so, our Exercise Balls are the perfect choice! With an extra large diameter, our Exercise Balls are perfect for home workouts with a tough, rubberized surface allowing you to perform a range of balance and stability exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, perfect for use with yoga, pilates or for general strength and balance training!

Ideal for the home gyms, our Exercise Balls are manufactured from ultra tough, burst resistant rubber, perfect for tough or weighted exercises, with a non-slip surface for safe, everyday use. Perfect for both men & women, our Exercise Balls are available in 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm and 85cm diameters and blue or black, for easy co-ordination with other workout equipment!

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4# Professional Grade Exercise Equipment Anti Burst Tested with Hand Pump

Professional Grade Exercise Equipment Anti Burst Tested with Hand Pump

Live Infinitely products are based around one thing… Quality. When we develop a product we don’t stop until we have a product that we are proud to call our own. These exercise balls have all the features that you want, and even some you may not have known were available.

The mission since day one has remained the same, to provide our customers with quality products they need and a customer interaction they did not know still existed. Live Infinitely products are here to help you reach your goals while not breaking the bank!

The exercise ball that you need depends on a few things – your height, leg length, and purpose of the ball. The correct size exercise ball will allow for a 90-degree angle at your knees and your thighs to parallel the floor while sitting on top.

This Stability Ball is available is the following sizes:

  • Shorter than 4′ 2″ 45cm
  • 4′ 2″ – 5′ 6″ 55cm
  • 5′ 7″ – 5′ 11″ 65cm
  • 6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″ 75cm
  • 6′ 4″ – 6′ 9″ 85cm
  • Taller than 6′ 9″ 95cm
  • Desk Chair Replacement – 75cm

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5# Exercise Ball for Yoga, Pilates, Therapy, Balance, Stability, Posture Support, Desk Chair and Birthing

Exercise Ball for Yoga, Pilates, Therapy, Balance, Stability, Posture Support, Desk Chair and Birthing

Looking for the right home exercise equipment is like searching for the essentials you need in your daily life. You’ll want something that can be with you whether you’re alone or with other people.

Something that will be there for you through many stages in your life. Something that can be strong enough to withstand pressure and yet is gentle enough to lean on.  Feels safe and secure and won’t roll away when you need it.

This is why Tim and Jan, the husband and wife team behind SmarterLife Products, captured all of these qualities and wove them into the design and technology of the SmarterLife Exercise Ball. Based in Colorado, their family-owned business offers fitness and health products for people who want a smarter way to live life.


Burst Resistance: Made of soft and elastic polyvinyl chloride or PVC, the Exercise Ball comes with a high anti-burst rating of 2000 lbs.

If the ball rolls over sharp objects such as staples and pins, is pricked by jewelry or a sharp belt buckle, or is compressed under a heavy load, it’s designed to protect you from injury by slowly and safely deflating instead of popping like a balloon.


Uniform PVC Casing Thickness: A higher anti-burst rating means a thicker casing. What makes the SmarterLife Exercise Ball different from others is its durable 0.2 cm PVC casing with a thickness that stretches uniformly across the ball surface even when inflated or under excessive stress.

This creates a greater resistance to punctures on all sides and prevents air from leaking from the ball. It also ensures that the Exercise Ball retains its shape for a long time and prevents it from rolling away when you need it.


Non-Stick, Anti-Slip Surface: As the ball comes into contact with your skin, its smooth matte surface is punctuated by fine embossed lines that make it easy to hold, grip, toss, bounce, or squeeze even with heavy sweat.

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