Killer Back and Biseps Workout Program for BodyBuilding

Top 5 Back and Biceps Workouts for Women & Killer Back & Bicep Workout for BodyBuilding

Pile on the pulls until your lats and upper back are cooked but your arms are primed for action. That’s the recipe for an upper body that will put any T-shirt to the test. First you will find the full routine for a Killer Back & Biceps Workout Bodybuilding. Then, we will introduce some Back and Biseps Full […]

Upper Body Workout for Women

Top 3 Upper Body Workouts Routine for Women ( with additional 3 Home based workout )

Upper Body workout is an important workout for women. It includes exercising Arms, Shoulders, back and Core. I have selected  some Upper Body Workout created specifically for women.  First you will find our selection for Top 3 Upper Body Workout for Women. Then, I found it very practical to include a list of Women Upper Body Workout you […]

Strength Exercices for Women,, Shoulder Workout

The best of Women’ Shoulder Workout by Jessica Arevalo

Cardio Current Routine & Shoulder Workout Here the routine created by Jessica Arevalo for her own SHOULDER WORKOUT Every exercise is 3 sets for 12-15 reps 1.Shoulder press 2.Single arm lateral raise 3.Seated lateral raise 4.Incline dumbbell front raise (advanced move but really isolates the front of shoulders) 5.Rope cable face pull (rear delts) 6.Single arm cable 3 […]