CSN Diet – Revolutionery 100% Natural Fat Loss Products

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Discover the CSN Program – the 100% Natural Fat Loss Products. Watch the Video of CSN Fat Loss 100% Natural following and learn about its benefits.

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So what is CSN?

CSN is a sixty- day weight loss program divided into six phases. Phase one comprises a 10-day intense detox program aimed at weight loss.

By the tenth day, you will note a huge drop in weight and you will be ready for phase two. (source)

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CSN – Revolutionery 100% Natural Fat Loss Products

The CSN program is supported by a range of natural products. The active ingredients of our products are quality tested by the University of the Free State Laboratories. And manufactured and distributed by Christo Strydom Pharmaceutical & Natural Medicine Laboratories.

The CSN dehydrated soup mix and tablets include, among other, onions, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, bell peppers and celery. Vegetables are dehydrated within 24 hours after harvesting, to retain optimal nutrition levels.

The CSN health drink and aloemag capsules contain aloe and citric acid, and support the purification of your body.

CSN Green Powder and capsules is a combination of Wakama grass, seaweed and barley grass. It is packed with vitamins and enzymes to support healthy digestion. An iodine-free option is also available.

CSN the superhero of healthy living and fat loss!!