Top 8 Legs Workout For Women [ Full Legs Exercises Women Routine]

Womens leg workout

Legs Workout for Women exercises are very important in order to have the perfect silhouette.

In this article, I collected the Top recommended Legs Workout Exercises for Women.

Then you will find some very popular women leg workout made up by celebrity and Fitness coach to help you and to guide you step by step.

I think that is very important to watch such videos in order to get motivated and keep working up and doing the leg workout. 

The Best 10 Legs Workout for Women’s Exercises

Here the list of top recommended workout exercises in order to obtain the perfect legs:

1- Barbell Squat

This exercise is best performed inside a squat rack for safety purposes. To begin, first set the bar on a rack that best matches your height.

Barbell Squat - Legs Workout for Women

Once the correct height is chosen and the bar is loaded, step under the bar and place the back of your shoulders (slightly below the neck) across it.

Hold on to the bar using both arms at each side and lift it off the rack by first pushing with your legs and at the same time straightening your torso.

Step away from the rack and position your legs using a wider-than-shoulder-width stance with the toes slightly pointed out.

Keep your head up at all times as looking down will get you off balance, and also maintain a straight back. This will be your starting position.

Begin to slowly lower the bar by bending the knees as you maintain a straight posture with the head up.

Continue down until the angle between the upper leg and the calves becomes slightly less than 90-degrees (which is the point in which the upper legs are below parallel to the floor).

Inhale as you perform this portion of the movement.

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Tip: If you performed the exercise correctly, the front of the knees should make an imaginary straight line with the toes that is perpendicular to the front.

If your knees are past that imaginary line (if they are past your toes) then you are placing undue stress on the knee and the exercise has been performed incorrectly.

Begin to raise the bar as you exhale by pushing the floor with the heel of your foot as you straighten the legs again and go back to the starting position.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions

Wide-Stance Barbell Squat | Exercise Guide (F)

2- Butt Lift (Bridge)

Starting Position

Lie back on the floor or on an exercise mat with your arms extended to your sides.

Your knees should be bent with your feet flat and your glutes barely touching the floor. This is the starting position.

First Movement

Now, exhale as you use your glutes to raise your hips as high as possible. Tightly contract your glutes at the top of the movement.

Second Movement

Hold the contraction for a moment. Then inhale as you slowly lower your hips until your glutes barely touch the floor.

If you want to learn more about Legs Muscles Anatomy check this link.

Repeat these movements until you have completed all of your reps.

Butt Lift Bridge - Thighs Exercise

3- Lying Leg Curls

Lying Leg Curls Exercise for Women

Lying Leg Curls Exercise for Women

4- Band Hip Adductions

How to Do Thigh Abduction & Adduction Exercises With Bands : Stretching & Exercise

Hip exercise - Hip abduction with band

5- Glute Kickback

Improve Your Glute Kickbacks – Tips & Tricks

Improve Your Glute Kickbacks - Tips & Tricks

6- Bodyweight Squat

Bodyweight squats target all the muscles in your legs along with your core.

To learn how to do bodyweight squats, follow the instructions on the video.

How To Do Bodyweight Squats

7- Dumbbell Rear Lunge

Increase muscle strength and flexibility with dumbbell rear lunges. Learn about dumbbell weight training and exercises in this video.

How to Do Dumbbell Rear Lunges

8- Hack Squat

How to Hack Squat to grow your Glutes & Legs

How to Hack Squat to grow your Glutes & Legs

9- Single Leg Deadlift

Best Move for Booty: Single Leg Deadlifts

Best Move for Booty: Single Leg Deadlifts

10- Smith Single-Leg Split Squat

Amanda Latona, 7x Pro Bikini Champion & BSN Athlete, demonstrates the Split Squat.

An excellent exercise that really isolates and hits the glutes.

Amanda Latona Demonstrates Split Squats | Glute Exercise #2

List of The Best Legs workout for Women Routine

1- Build Legs You’ll Love – Ashley Hoffmann Legs Workout

Let’s start with this legs workout for Women by Ashley Hoffmann

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get after a super tough leg workout. If you haven’t felt it in a while, then you need to try Ashley Hoffmann’s leg smash.

It’s brutal, but it’s exactly what you need for strong, statuesque legs!

Lace up your sneaks and turn up your iPod. Today, you’re hitting legs with Ashley Hoffmann. Don’t let her long hair and pretty face lull you into complacency: This workout is brutal.

For more funny workout, check our Top Cardio Boxing Music – High BPM Intense Workout Music.

Her goal is to push it so hard that walking out of the gym will be a struggle. Think you can keep up?

If you’re ready for a challenge, or if you just need to add a challenging leg workout into your usual split, then you’ve come to the right page.

You’ll hit your hamstrings, glutes, and quads with tough exercises and a lot of volume. The goal of this workout is growth, so do each set and each rep with everything you have.

It’s really important to warm up before you start training your legs. “I like to loosen up my joints and get the blood moving through my muscles,” says Ashley. “I have bad knees and bad hip flexors, so it’s important for me to mobilize so I don’t hurt myself.”

Build Legs You'll Love - Ashley Hoffmann Legs Workout -

2- Superset Your Way To Super Legs by Alex Silver-Fagan

The Second legs workout for Women Routine is made by Alex Silver-Fagan.

This power-developing leg workout will improve the strength and look of your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Give it a try!

My workouts are tough, hard-hitting, and all about functionality. This leg workout is no different.

I designed it to help you improve the explosive power of your lower body and to help you get better at doing the things we do every day, like picking things up off the ground and walking around with weight in your hands.

Anyone-guy or gal-who wants to develop stronger glutes and hamstrings will benefit from doing this high-volume workout.

I suggest you implement it into your current training program 1-2 times per week. No need to do it more than that.

Because this workout is built on supersets, your heart rate will remain high through the entire workout.

So, not only will you build strength, you’ll also improve your overall fitness and conditioning, helping you build a super body!

Superset Your Way To Super Legs | Alex Silver-Fagan

3- Toned Legs Workout | Perky Butt and Toned Thighs Workout At Home

Start introducing this legs workout for Women Routine in order to obtai Toned Legs !

Toned Legs Workout At Home | Toned Thighs | Perky Butt | Workout | At Home Workout | Booty Workout

Toned Legs Workout | Perky Butt and Toned Thighs Workout At Home

4- How to Get Legs Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel Model

Are Wondering what’s legs workout for Women of VS Model ? Check this Legs Workout Routine for this VS model !

It’s episode one of our Victoria’s Secret Angel series! Today we’re focusing on getting legs like your favorite Victoria’s Secret models.

Want to learn how to get legs like Candice Swanepoel? Fitness trainer Rebecca-Louise has you covered!

How to Get Legs Like a Victoria's Secret Angel Model

5- 17 Min Home Women Leg Workout Routine – Legs Thighs Buttocks Workout for Women

for the 17 Min Home Leg Workout Routine. Legs Thighs Buttocks Workout for Women & Men Lower Body Exercises instructions

17 Min Home Leg Workout Routine - Legs Thighs Buttocks Workout for Women & Men Lower Body Exercises

6- HOT & HEAVY Leg And Booty WORKOUT

This was an insanely good leg workout I got in at Midwest Athletic Performance


7- Killer Legs Workout with Dana Linn Bailey

This leg video was actually 3 hours long. THREE HOURS! Minimum of 5 working sets on each exercise.

It is a privilege to be able to train with Dana (Ms. Olympia) and Rob Bailey!

Killer Leg Workout with Dana Linn Bailey

8- Perfect Legs with Plyos | Karina Baymiller

Leg day is so nice, you better do it twice!

I go heavy on legs early in the week and then finish them off with this powerful plyometric workout.

Perfect Legs with Plyos | Karina Baymiller

Choose one the above Women Leg Workout, keep motivated and the hard work.