Freetoo Best Workout Rubber Band Resistance Bands Powerlifting Review

FRETOO Resistance Bands Benefits

Grow Muscle Strength with Controlled Movement

Whole body toning workout: Target specific muscle groups, from core, back, and legs to chest, shoulders, biceps, and triceps.

Pre- or post-workout stretching: Loop the band over one foot for standing biceps curls for quick warming up or post-workout stretching.

Go easily with other fitness equipment: Loop the band over pull-up bar, a vertical beam, door anchor, barbell, dumbbell(the list is endless), and push your workout routine to the next level!

Increase flexibility for physical therapy purpose: Allowing more controlled movement and keep constant tension on the muscles, grow muscle strength safely and effectively.

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Varying Resistance Levels in 4 Colors Fit for Multiple Purposes

4 different weight resistances of varying width and thickness to accommodate personal fitness levels and workout routines.

Sold in Single or Combined sets—We highly recommend the combined set, not only they are the best price on Amazon, but also they allow varied resistances if used in combination to fit for your fitness progression.

Two principles to choose the right resistance level :

  1. When used as assisted pull-up bands: beginners and big body weight are recommended to choose #3 Purple or #4 Green band, while the advanced and light body weight are suitable to use #1 Red or #2 Black.
  2. When used as resistance bands: beginners are recommended to start from#1 Red or #2 Black, while the advanced can proceed to #3 Purple or #4 Green.

FREETOO Resistance Band Review


“This band provided me with the smoothest and most comfortable performance that I ever had in equipment.”
“it is essentially a portable gym! “


“They are great bands, good quality, good width and diameter and the best price i could find on amazon.”
“…tension still has not diminished overtime.”


“This product by far is the best value for the money in exercise power bands, and in fact the entire fitness industry. The versatility, portability, and effectiveness of power bands are second to none. “

Freetoo Resistance Band Review

If you want to check more review about Freetoo Resistance Bands, check the following video:

FREETOO Resistance Bands for Pull Up Assist,Workout-82 inches

ir?t=topfitnesstutorials 20&l=alb&o=1&a=B00VA1TDMO - Freetoo Best Workout Rubber Band Resistance Bands Powerlifting Review - 2 FREETOO Resistance Bands for Pull Up Assist,Workout-82 inches Loop Exercise Band-Single or Set.

Here a key ideas about the FREETOO Resistance Bands:

  • The best fitness gear, for anyone and anywhere.
  • Being economic, versatile, portable
  • Fit for beginners, intermediate, advanced alike
  • To Start a quick workout at Home/Hotel/Outdoor/Gym/Office

Features about FREETOO Resistance Bands

ir?t=topfitnesstutorials 20&l=alb&o=1&a=B00KYOGMLS - Freetoo Best Workout Rubber Band Resistance Bands Powerlifting Review - 5
  • Black (25-65 lbs): 5/6 inch in width, #2 resistance level. Sold separately in single uni
  • PORTABLE & VERSATILE: Loop Resistance band / pull-up band, 82 inches in circumference, supports assisted pull-ups and whole body toning workouts at home, hotel, office, or gym.
  • VARYING RESISTANCE LEVELS available sold in single unit or combined sets, allowing customized resistance combination for personal fitness level and workout routines.
  • DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY: Made of durable natural latex with reliable performance and smooth touch.
  • BEST VALUE WORKOUT BAND: The best price/quality resistance band you can find on Amazon. Covered by lifetime product warranty.

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