The Best 4 Acupressure Massage Mat: How it works, Benefits of Acupressure Mats

All About Acupressure Massage Mat Benefits

A bed of needles may not sound appealing, but once you experience its benefits, you may not want to leave it!

Find here How Acupressures Yoga Mat Massage works, the benefits of Massage Mat and The Top 4 Recommended Acupressure Massage Mat.

What’s Acupressure ?

Acupressure has been a treatment for muscle, back, neck and joint pain for millennia.

Despite the mainstream belief, you don’t need an actual bed of nails to experience the incredible effects of acupressure.

All you need is the acupressure massage mat and pillow set by Acupoint.

Designed to offer you instant and soothing relief from back pain, neck pain, coccyx issues, herniated disc pain and upper or lower back pain, the Acupoint excusive acupuncture therapy mat is going to help you improve your quality of life.

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How Yoga Acupressure Massage Mat works ?

Top 3 Acupressure Mat Features
Top 3 Acupressure Mat Features

By utilizing your own body weight against the acupressure spike mat, the pressure of the spikes against your skin works as a form of massage to increase blood flow and dig deep into the belly of your muscles.

You can simply lie on it for a relaxing, therapeutic massage or you can practice yoga poses on it for invigorating energy and deep tissue therapy.

The Ajna spike mat will leave you feeling like you received a professional massage.

Pro & Benefits of Acupressure Massage Mat

Relieve Pain & Stress

It’s the perfect way to start or end your day! Daily use of the Acupressure Massage Mat stimulates blood circulation for muscle recovery and releases endorphins to naturally reduce aches and tension.

Once accustomed to the sensation, the points help muscles relax to promote better rest and destress at the end of the day.

Lie or stand on it in the morning to get blood moving to help naturally energize and wake you up.

Relax Your Muscles & Mind

Lying on your stomach facilitates recovery after workouts, aids digestion, and promotes circulation in respiratory muscles.

You can also sit and extend your legs on the mat for the back of thighs, or lie on the front or side of your thighs where you have any tight areas.

Gently rest the side of your face on the pillow to help relax a tense jaw.

If it’s too intense, simply place a thin sheet between the pillow/mat and your skin.

Pro Benefits of Acupressure Massage Mat
Relax Your Muscles & Mind

Rejuvenate Your Body

By using the acupressure mat for as little as 10 minutes per day, or up to 30 minutes per day, you can experience increased blood flow, muscle recovery, and energy.

It can be used lying down on the floor, against a chair in a seated position, or while standing. Or, rest your feet on the pillow while seated to experience additional benefits.

Pressure points stimulate feel-good endorphins so you can experience healing and rejuvenation.

Helps promote Weight Loss and Boosts Mood

Take advantage of increased circulation and lymphatic drainage with this blood circulation mat.

Unblocking pathways can improve your metabolism, helping rid the body of toxins that cause headaches, back pain, joint pain, and even cellulite.

Ajnamat provides gentle pressure which may help reboot your fat burning regulatory system and detoxifying capabilities.

This relaxing yet precise mat can even be used to rejuvenate your skin’s elasticity.

Care & Maintenance

To extend the life of your mat and keep it fresh, store it in a cool, dry place.

To clean, remove the foam core and gently hand wash the cotton cover. You may also turn the cotton cover inside-out to clean.

Do not machine wash or dry, as this may damage the pressure point buttons. Drip dry only.

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Top 4 Acupressure Massage Mat Features & Review

1# Natural Cotton Acupressure Massage Mat

Natural Cotton Acupressure Massage Mat | Acupuncture Yoga Mats for Neck and Back Reflexology, Sciatica, Trigger Point and Massage Therapy, Manual Massage | Stress Relief Pad Linen with Free Carry Bag

There Are So Many Ways To Use The Ajnamat. Use our shoulder pain and back pressure mat for yoga, meditation, pilates, or just to lay on for a relaxing massage.

Ajna Wellbeing Recommends Utilizing Your Mat For No Less Than 5 minutes – 20 minutes at least is ideal.

Features Keys of Natural Cotton Acupressure Massage Mat


Organic, cotton and linen spiked mat is just what your body needs for pain relief, healing, and blood and lymphatic circulation.

The ergonomic plastic spikes that cover the Ajnamat help to activate the body’s natural healing receptors and unblock stagnant energy pathways.

Each mat has over 5,000 lotus-like spikes that effectively treat numerous pains and health issues.


This luxurious acupressure, back pressure spike mat can help with a whole host of health problems.

From stiff neck, to upper and lower back pain, to tension headaches and sciatica, this yoga and meditation mat has potential to do wonders.

Furthermore, continual use of it can lead to better sleep, stimulation of endorphins, rejuvenation of skin cells, and general stress relief. Utilizing this sciatica mat just 15 minutes a day can improve your life significantly.


Once you see and touch one of our spike therapy mats, you’ll be blown away at the quality and beauty of the product.

As important as it is for Ajna Wellbeing to provide you with the healthiest, most high-quality products, it’s just as important to us that we treat mother nature with as much love and respect.

With excessive packaging, providing you with an eco-friendly, dye-free mat and free carry bag for the acupressure travel mat.

2# ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

The ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set takes the healing concept of acupressure treatment and turns it into an easy, at-home remedy for stiff muscles, back and neck pain, insomnia, and more.

The cushioned mat and pillow are covered in thousands of plastic needle points to promote restoration throughout your body.

Use your ProSource Acupressure mat for 10 to 30 minutes a day to feel complete pain relief and relaxation.

It can be used on any sturdy surface and is easily portable. This mat will help increase your energy and feel more relaxed at the same time.

As you get used to the sensation you can stand on your mat, lie on your stomach, or roll it up to use for your neck’s pressure points.

You could choose to target specific problem areas of your body, or you could follow our suggested wellness routine, so that you could maximize the mat’s capabilities and promote total body relaxation and feel healthy all over.

Features of ProSource Acupressure Mat

  • PAIN REDUCTION – Naturally reduce muscle tension, and back pain by simply laying on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes
  • FULL SUPPORT – The cushioned foam mat is large enough to fit your full back, and unlike many mats that only cover your back, this set includes a pillow covered in acupressure points for neck support and more holistic pain relief
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF – Lay back and relax onto this “bed of needles” to massage pressure points that help release tight muscles and relieve stress. Use prior to bedtime to improve your sleep
  • INCREASED ENERGY & CIRCULATION – Thousands of acupressure points stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation for increased energy and faster muscle recovery, making it great for users who sit at a desk daily, as well as active individuals and athletes
  • Made out of 100% high quality thick cotton and plant-based Interior: Foam. The acupressure mat has 6,210 acupressure points; neck pillow has 1,782 acupressure points.
  • Material: ABS plastic

3# Acupoint Acupressure Mat Pillow Set

The Acupoint elite acupressure mat is going to allow you to experience the heavenly benefits of acupuncture therapy from the comfort of your home.

Why waste your hard-earned money on costly reflexology, chiropractor or massage sessions?

With our ground-breaking acupressure mat and pillow set you can finally reduce stress and combat anxiety while supporting your health and well-being.

The Acupoint acupressure mat and pillow are made of extremely durable, non-toxic material to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

Plus, It includes a stylish and convenient bag, so that you can easily carry your acupuncture mat and pillow with you anywhere.

Features Keys of Acupoint Acupressure Mat Pillow Set


Also known as “bed of nails”, yantra mat, shakti or acupuncture mat, acupuncture mats should NOT provide the literal feeling of lying on nails!

Acupoint’s acupressure mat features THOUSANDS of acupressure points, which contour around your pained areas and provide an otherworldly comfortable sensation, as well as swift pain relief.

Made from high quality materials, you are investing in an acupressure mat which is made to last you FOR LIFE!


Unlike costly, often ineffective acupuncture, chiropractor and physical therapy sessions, our acupressure mat is an affordable solution for at-home pain relief.

Lightweight, portable and extremely durable, you can lay on this mat or stand on it barefoot and reap the benefits of a professional-grade reflexology massage, ANYWHERE you might be! beat herniated disc pain, fibromyalgia pain, and improve poor blood circulation.

4# HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat

The HemingWeigh Acupressure Mat is an effective wellness tool for relieving back pain and muscle tension while promoting stress-relief and relaxation.

The mat is believed to increase circulation and blood oxygenation. It is suitable for people with low levels of energy, high levels of stress, insomnia, backache and depression.

By releasing this inner tension, we release a lot of the problems from depression to tense neck / shoulders and poor digestion. Regular use of the mat will help with this.

With its Indian origin dating back thousands of years, the bed of nails is a well tested tool for healing the body.

It has been used by Indian Yogis (yoga practitioners) throughout time to attain perfection of body and mind, and to reach deep inner peace.  The original bed of nails was constructed of wood and metal nails.

It helps to promote the release of the body’s own pain-relieving and happiness hormones – endorphins and oxytocin. They help to release tension, create relaxation and promote a sense well-being.

Acupressure mats were recently featured on the Dr. Oz Show where Dr. Oz showed some of the amazing benefits of using an acupressure mat! Basic positions target the back, stomach and hips.