30 Days of Yoga: Full Beginner Yoga Challenge

30 days of Yoga

30 Days of Yoga is a full Beginner Yoga Challenge Program to discover and benefit from different Yoga Asanah Position.

It covers stretching, Relaxation, Power, Six Packs, Meditation, Total Body Yoga … and more Yoga Workout and exercises.

If you are beginner or newbie at Yoga, I recommend checking List of the Most Common Yoga Poses for Beginner – Yoga Foundation

Table of Contents

Beginner Yoga Challenge 30 Days

Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Beginner Yoga Challenge

Use this DAY 1 practice to take stock, check in with the body and mind. Begin the practice of slowing down, noticing, stretching and moving with ease. Commit to 30 days of breathing deep and listening. Acknowledge the distractions, the frustrations, the parts of the body that need more love or are in healing. Acknowledge it all!

For this journey is about more than just a flexible, strong and tone body. It is about full mind, heart and body wellness. Begin here to set the foundation for a connected home practice.

– FREE and in the comfort of your own home! Get empowered, find what feels good, listen to your body and let’s have some fun!

Day 1 - Ease Into It - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 2 – Stretch & Soothe – 30 Days of Yoga

Stretch your body and soothe your soul. Relieve stress and ease into your 30 day experience with an open mind, kindness and curiosity.

Use this Day 2 practice to stretch tight muscles and soothe the nervous system – even an achey heart. This first week we take time to connect to the big picture and a full body experience. Practice staying present as we deepen the practice and learn vocabulary to play with on our mat.

Practices change from day-to-day – and get shorter towards the end. Stick with it! Take this time for yourself.

Have courage to take the time for yourself! Get empowered, find what feels good, listen to your body and don’t forget to have some fun!

Day 2 - Stretch & Soothe - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 3 – Forget What You Know – 30 Days of Yoga

For today’s sequence, come into a beginners mind. (Bonus if you are a beginner and totally new to yoga!) When we come to this idea of beginner’s mind – we open up to all possibilities.

Use this Day 3 practice to check in with balance and connect to your core center. Let go of expectations and stay receptive as you work to build strength and unlock more space.

Again, open up to making new discovery! If you are regular yogi this practice will be a great opportunity to change it up. If you are new to the practice, ROCK ON, you have that beautiful beginners mind already. Seek opportunities to learn – especially in the difficulties.

Everyone, close your eyes when you can, move mind fully and trust yourself. Breathe. Breathe slowly. This revitalizing and strengthening sequence is great for balance, core & hip check in, and supports good posture! Explore where you are TODAY.

Day 3 - Forget What You Know - 30 Days of Yoga

Yoga For Your Back – 30 Days of Yoga – Day 4

Yoga for your back! Stretch and strengthen your back with the power of the breath!

Use this practice to awaken the spine and meet your edge. Tone arms, legs, core and stay connected to subtle body movement with the breath. Stick with it!

Take this time to see to notice how Yoga practice has your back. Get frisky! Or at least, remember Yoga is not so serious! Modify as needed and keep a sense of humor. Keep finding that breath!

Yoga For Your Back - 30 Days of Yoga - Day 4

Day 5 – FEEL ALIVE FLOW- 30 Days of Yoga

This practice will help you shake off the blues to feel revitalized and fresh again!

Use this Day 5 practice to check in with the breath. Let the breath be the soundtrack to this practice. Notice what it feels like to be ALIVE today. Meet your edge but don’t take anything too seriously.

Today is a reminder to have some fun! Smile and stretch it out. Give thanks! You are ALIVE! Yoga helps up notice what it feels like to be alive and in the moment. Give thanks and enjoy!

Day 5 - FEEL ALIVE FLOW- 30 Days of Yoga

Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS – 30 Days of Yoga

Six Pack Abs! Yogi style. This is a shorter practice to tone the abdominal in a mindful way that feels fun and supportive! Also, almost everyone wants more core strength and tone abdominal. You asked for it!

Use this Day 6 practice to check in with the core. Mindful core training will support your entire practice and whole body health. While tone abs are something we all fancy (me too) core strength training is so much more than washboard abs or a flat tummy.

By building core strength you are supporting the back and all of the muscles that surround your dear spinal cord. By working those muscles we are taking some of our weight off the spine and engaging the entire body.

Day 6 - SIX PACK ABS - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 7 – Total Body Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Total Body Yoga! This practice opens up the side body and invites you to create space as you build total body strength.

Use this Day 7 practice to get the heart rate going and build strength. This sequence focuses on core strength and side body length! Meet your edge mind fully – don’t push!

Practice non-harming, mindful action and alignment! Drink a tall glass of water after this practice. Keep up the great work!

Day 7 - Total Body Yoga - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 8 – Yoga For Healing & Meditation – 30 Days of Yoga

Yoga For Healing & Meditation! Whether you plan to mediate after practice or whether the practice IS your mediation use this slow and juicy sequence to guide your body and your breath.

Day 8 invites you slow down, cultivate balance and CONNECT. We open the hips in this sequence and use the subtle power of the breath to find release and let go. Connect to your spirit, soften, stretch and relax.

If you are used to moving fast this may be a challenge for you.

Enjoy the rejuvenating and restorative benefits of yoga and meditation. This should feel AWESOME after the first week of the 30 Day Of Yoga Journey. Relax and enjoy! You deserve it.

Day 8 - Yoga For Healing & Meditation - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 9 – Full Potential Detox Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Full Potential Detox Practice! Meet your full potential and come into your power with this vigorous – but loving – at home yoga practice.

Day 9 invites you to embrace your full potential! This is a fierce practice that is great for the digestive organs and abdominal. Perfect if you are feeling bloated in the belly or looking to tone to strong lean muscles. Very beneficial for those who suffer from IBS, constipation or stomach discomfort. Cleanse it out safely with yoga.

Keep a strong focus on the breath and alignment as you connect to full body strength with grace and ease. Make self adjustments and modify up or down through this practice.

This video is fun and challenging! Keep a sense of humor and always take breaks when you need! Listen to your body and ENJOY! Let your heart rate return back to its normal rate in Savasana after practice. Drink a tall glass of water to follow.

Day 9 - Full Potential Detox Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 10 – 10 min Sun Salutation Practice -30 Days of Yoga

10 min Sun Salutation Practice! Get used to moving with the breath. Practice this in the morning to set the tone for your day!

This Day 10 Sun Salutation sequence is great if you are on the go and should feel awesome after 9 days of an amazing 30 Day Yoga journey! Use this practice to work on synchronizing the movement with the breath. Increase strength and flexibility as you welcome warmth to the body.

Sun Salutations warm up the body and can refresh us in so many ways. Great for the nervous system and for the immune system! Great for depression! Make adjustments as needed and listen to your body!

Day 10 - 10 min Sun Salutation Practice -30 Days of Yoga

Day 11 – Shakti Yoga Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Lions, Lizards and Dogs, OH MY! This full body at home yoga practice is a healthy boost to both body and MIND.

Day 11 balances and strengthens your Shakti energy. Shakti is considered the essential energy to live a healthy and vibrant life. Connect to an open mind and heart with creative energy – whatever that means to you.

Use this awesome practice to seek, find and connect to the power within. Stay curious! “Don’t Give Up!” Discover! It’s there. Awaken it! This sequence is also awesome for pre-workout warm up – great before a run or a trip to the gym.

Day 11 - Shakti Yoga Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 12 – Yoga For Spinal Health – Beginner Yoga Challenge

This Day 12 practice promotes a happy and healthy support system. Seek balance as you stabilize the core musculature of the spine. Find a sense of ease as you strengthen the buttocks & legs and find support from within – that lasts. For real.

Improve balance and coordination and ride the wave of yesterday’s Shakti practice to create a focus that serves you. Keep coming back to your breath. Integrate the breath into each posture and every transition. Enjoy.

Day 12 - Yoga For Spinal Health - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 13 – Endurance & Ease – 30 Days Of Yoga

Endurance and Ease! Find the mustard for your (yoga) pretzel in this fun full body sequence.
Lucky Day 13 invites you to fly like an eagle aiming for full breaths and eventual exquisite ease.

Check in with your Day 13 endurance by softening your jaw and the skin of your face. Unfurrow that brow, lighten your heart and unwind your mind with this savory Humble Warrior sequence.

Stretch, twist and FLY. Listen to your body. Don’t push. Don’t worry, have fun!

Day 13 - Endurance & Ease - 30 Days Of Yoga

Day 14 – Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout – 30 Days of Yoga

Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout.This yoga workout is more of a practice than a workout, in my world anyway. I invite you to embrace practice as you work it out!

Day 14 invites you to stretch tired and stiff muscles while also connecting to spirit and breath. Open the shoulders and find relief from stress and tension with this yummy 16 min at home practice. Open the hips and connect to your core.

Use today to check in with how you feel and write it down in your practice journal. Don’t have a practice journal? Write in on your 30 Days Of Yoga calendar! Or on a napkin! What is one word to describe today’s practice?

Day 14 - Mindful Hatha Yoga Workout - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 15 – Half Hour Half Moon Practice – Beginner Yoga Challenge

Half Moon Practice. No experience with Ardha Chandrasana or Half Moon? NO PROBLEM!!!
We are HALF WAY there y’all! Day 15 welcomes you to drop into your practice. This sequence can be done in half an hour. It provides opportunity to relish in the space that you have cultivated in the last 14 days.

Today would be the perfect day to commit to staying present. You have made it this far – stay in the moment and reconnect to your intentions.

This 30 min yoga sequence is great for anxiety and stress relief. This practice takes its time and invites us to keep it fresh and alive! Connect to your breath, lift your heart and go with the flow

Day 15 - Half Hour Half Moon Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 16 – Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga – Yoga

Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga. Experiment going at your practice with and easy breezy beautiful attitude. Today, check in, don’t push, keep it soft and easy.

Ahhh, the art of noticing! Use this Day 16 Yoga practice to awaken the spine, calm the nervous system and balance yesterday’s yang energy – with a little softness and ease. Enjoy your yoga ritual! Short & Sweet 16!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

Day 16 - Easy Breezy Beautiful Yoga - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 17 – Happiness Boost Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Forget your troubles come on get happy! Hop on the mat for Happiness Boosting Yoga.

Day 17 Yoga practice invites you to awaken the chakras and energetic channels of the body, or the nadis. Use deep conscious breaths as you follow this sequence to lift your mood.

This practice can relieve tension, anxiety, the blues and is great energetic hygiene! Increase flexibility and build strength, mind fully.

Cultivate a full body experience. It is not what you do but how you do it in this sequence. Increase balance with practice and breath. Choose to enjoy the effects of 17 days of Yoga. Keep listening!

Day 17 - Happiness Boost Yoga - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 18 – Wonder Yoga! – 30 Days of Yoga

Wonder Yoga practice is a sequence to for balance, opening and wonder in the unknown!

Day 18 Yoga invites you to regain wonder at being alive! Open the heart and hips as you breathe deep. This kind of practice helps me make clear choices, meet my edge and stay in the present moment. Balancing poses and mindful movement – simply cannot lie! Be patient. Take good care.

Remember to have FUN. Soften your brow! Return to this practice again and again if you wish to grow a balancing practice! Peace.

Day 18 - Wonder Yoga! - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 19 – Breath & Body Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Use this Breath and Body practice to relieve tired muscles and calm the mind.

Day 19 invites you slow down to synchronize body and movement with the breath. Deepen your practice with pranayama.

Marry your pranayama practice or breathing practice with your asana practice. As we focus on the breath we invite fresh oxygen to the blood and to the brain.

We connect to prana (or energy) and use the breath to control that vital force – so you can cultivate your magical powers and live your full potential! Let your breath sing! Let your body talk. Listen, relax and enjoy! You deserve it.

Day 19 - Breath & Body Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 20 – Heart Practice – Beginner Yoga Challenge

This yoga sequence is not your mama’s heart opening practice. This 27 min journey invites you to find support from the earth, engage the full body and put your HEART into it.

Day 20 builds on yesterday’s Breath and Body practice! Synchronize the movement and breath with this full body flow yoga practice. Open the heart and invite space to the neck and shoulders. You gotta have heart. What kind of attitude can you bring to your mat today?

Day 20 - Heart Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 21 – Joyful Home Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Joyful Home Practice. This yoga sequence is all about full body awareness and empowering you to make safe and supportive self adjustments. Play, get drunk on the breath. Practice Mindfulness and ENJOY!

Day 21 benefits the internal organs with movement and massage. It supports the joints and invites you to strengthen all major muscle groups. Focus on alignment and action as you continue to build strength and grow your practice. Strong focus on sensation over shape.

Strong focus on pranayama/breath continue in today’s Day 21 yoga practice. Stay true to your breath. Find the joy !

Day 21 - Joyful Home Practice - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 22 – Full Body Awareness – 30 Days of Yoga

Full Body Awareness Party! You’re invited!

Day 22 is a mindful and juicy yoga practice to assist you in cultivating full body awareness both on and off the mat. Stretch, strengthen, twist and rinse. Play and soothe.

Cultivate an appreciation for the entire body. Consider it one moving part! Enhancing full body awareness is an amazing tool for healing and growth. Can I get an AMEN?

Day 22 - Full Body Awareness - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 23 – Freedom & Forgiveness – 30 Days of Yoga

Power Yoga! MEET YOUR EDGE! (Don’t Panic)! Day 23 is not the power yoga you are used to.

Rather, this sequence invites us to find power and strength through acceptance, forgiveness and letting go. Day 23 is an awesome journey! Modify as needed and find what really feels good.

This practice will give you a good workout, stretch, strengthen and soothe. But beyond that, this breath focused playtime is the perfect sequence to practice letting go.

Let go to create space for empowerment and new-found strength. Let the practice be a mirror. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Oh, and drink lots of water today!

Day 23 - Freedom & Forgiveness - 30 Days of Yoga

Day 24 – Gentle Yummy Yoga – Beginner Yoga Challenge

Gentle Yummy Yoga to restore. Quick and supportive practice! **With extended Savasana!** Find balance in your 30 Day Yoga Journey. If you are thinking about skipping this one – don’t! This restorative Happy Hips practice has your back.

On Day 24 we take it easy on the upper body and restore. This yummy sequence increases mobility with a variety of stretches for the legs and hips. “Allow, release, let go”

I figured we could all use this today. Gentle Yoga is not just “easy yoga” – for me it is essential in finding balance and ease. It is a way to slow down and make sure I am not harming my body. Practice kindness and mindfulness. ENJOY!

Pair with another day if you are absolutely craving more heat! Find What Feels Good. Enjoy!

Day 24 | Gentle Yummy Yoga | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 25 – Dancing Warrior Sequence – 30 Days of Yoga

Dance break! Don’t decide where it ends!

This day 25 yoga practice invites you to work on organic movement and creating a full body experience – that is true to you.

No yoga robots! Stay receptive as you work to build strength and unlock space. Stretch, strengthen – work it out!

Day 25 | Dancing Warrior Sequence | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 26 – Earth Practice, Total Body Yoga – 30 Days of Yoga

Say whaaa? In this practice we use the earth to connect, ground, stretch and lift from. We learn another pranayama or breath technique and of course, have a little fun with a full body practice.

This 20 min yoga sequence has it all! It invites you to go deeper. Re-connect to home, ease and mother earth. Yeah, I said it. Simple meditation pose is there for you.

This yoga sequence also invites you get low and be human. Explore all lines of movement with the support of the earth.

We will stretch, open, and remove stress that has manifested in the body. We will tend to the feet and trek into the unknown! Connect to our core – and keep returning back to the breath – reconnecting to YOU.

Day 26 | Earth Practice, Total Body Yoga | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 27 – Flexible, Fearless and FUN YOGA – 30 Days of Yoga

Flexible, Fearless and FUN Yoga Practice – equipped with Plank Playtime! (Don’t be scared!) This 16 min practice is a great reminder that we can have fun on the mat.

We don’t need to take yoga so seriously to have a connected and focused practice. We don’t need to be so serious to get a workout. Let’s have some fun as we explore on our mat and check in with the present moment.

Day 27 gets the juices flowing and focuses on flexibility, balance and breath.

This video strengthens and stretches all major muscle groups inviting you to build your practice based on Day 1-26. You are doing so great! Stick with it my friends!

Day 27 | Flexible, Fearless & FUN YOGA | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 28 – Playful Yoga Practice – 30 Days of Yoga

Playful Yoga practice. Find Freedom Within the Form! Find a sense playfulness and a sense of freedom and wonder!

Day 28 invites you to work out the kinks mind fully. This sequence is a great for those seeking to improve posture and connect to your core.

This is excellent training for those seeking to create a regular and well-rounded home practice. Build strength and flexibility and continue to integrate the breath.

Enjoy the practice and whatever it serves up today. Open your heart! Be playful! Open yourself up to a new experience today! Become empowered as you continue each day to – make it your own.

Day 28 | Playful Yoga Practice | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 29 – Sweet Surrender – 30 Days of Yoga

Sweet Surrender! This yoga practice aims at inner strength and inner peace. Working from the inside out.

Day 29 is great for those wanting to open up to a new experience when it comes to fitness and even Yoga. Heart openers, hip openers and mindful flow for neck and shoulders.

Stretch and strengthen the back body and connect to your core. Take it upside down or listen to your body and restore. Above all relish in the therapeutic benefits of staying present in your asana practice.

Stay connected to your breath and enjoy your practice. Tomorrow, I have a surprise for you. I cannot wait.

Day 29 | Sweet Surrender | 30 Days of Yoga

Day 30 – Find What Feels Good – 30 Days of Yoga

You made it. We rolled out the mat for 30 Days. It may have taken longer than 30 Days – but you did it. You are here, now.

You committed to yourself, to a practice that serves, inspires and moves. Enjoy this celebratory practice and know that you are connected to others around the globe also with the mission to Find What Feels Good.

Day 30 is ultimately an opportunity for me to show you that really – it is all you baby. It is an opportunity for you to trust and love and to get a good work out and work-it-out.

It is a celebration of our practice and of our community! It’s about inspiration.

Day 30 | Find What Feels Good | 30 Days of Yoga

Excellent, you made it, you went through  the full 30 days Beginner Yoga Challenge !

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