The 10 Best Workouts to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

Top 10 Body Weight Workouts to Lose Weight

Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days : You are facing a problem in losing your extra pounds ! You have an occasion and the outfit / dress does not fit your body! The answer is to be found in this article.

A good workout must include cardio training as well strength training. Strength training targets your muscles.

The faster your heart beats, the more calories are burned. In order to get a well-shaped heart, lean muscles and a tight butt and twist, you can follow the list of 10 best workouts to lose 10 pounds in only one month!

Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days: 10 Workouts

The top 10 workouts to lose 10 pounds in 1 month are:

  • Hit your Butt workout
  • Fast Cardio workout equaling Ultimate at the Gym
  • The Ultimate fat sizzling Abs workout
  • 7 minutes fat burning workout challenge
  • Move fat burning Hit Workout
  • Summer Triceps Toning Challenge
  • 20 Minutes Back and Shoulder Hit Workout

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Let’s discuss in detail each one of them:

Hit your Butt workout

The glutes are the most dominant muscles in your body. They are responsible for the motion of your hips in various directions.

Associating jump squats and lunges training with the dead lifts routines enhance both your heart activity to burn more calories and get a leaner muscles.

Check this video tutorial for the best Butt workout. Rebecca will show you how to tighten and tone your behind at home without any equipment.

Fast Cardio workout equaling Ultimate at the Gym

You need more time in this exercise. You can pick up the tuck jump routines for 10 minutes. This exercise will your fat burning calories and offers you a solid leg.

Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days
Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

Find bellowing the detail of this exercises (in bonus, you will get a video 😉 )

Again, try to keep your core intact and this is what the movement looks like. From here, now what you’re going to focus on is touching your ankle.

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So from here and when you land, try to land on the balls of your feet. And again, making sure that your knees don’t cave in, because that’s what tends to happen you’re losing form.

So beginner’s knees, just simple tap, land with your knees straight, forward. Advanced, ankle or even past your ankle.

For advanced version, which for athletes who really want to get that extra edge because it involves cardio.

The beginner, you’re going to jump, touch your knees, then you’re going to jump back and do burpee. Burpee here, pop back up, knees, down, pop back up, and your knees, 10 times is efficient.

The Ultimate Fat Sizzling Abs Workout

There are combinations of routines that works your cardio and muscles at the same time.

To work your oblique and lower abs, you can opt for side bends and planks with leg lifts .To raise your heart activities, you can try the mountain climber and burpees.

Basically, you have to do 8 exercises (Beginners: 2 cycles & Intermediate: 4 cycles & Advanced: 6 cycles).

The Ultimate fat Sizzling Abs Workouts exercises are:

  1. Burpees
  2. Bicycle Crunch
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. Weighted Side Bend (Right Side)
  5. Russian Twist
  6. Weighted Side Bend (Left Side)
  7. Leg Lifts
  8. Plank

Get more detail about the Ultimate Fat sizzling Abs workout on The Ultimate Fat-Sizzling Ab Workout

7 Minutes Fat Burning Workout Challenge

This kind of training targets your arms, back, legs and abs. 7 minutes are enough for each set of routines.

The 7 Minute Workout is the training offered by a study at the McMaster University that showed that high-intensity 7-minute are sufficient for:

– Burning fat more quickly
– Maximizing caloric consumption
– Training the muscles of the whole body,
– Improving health by reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

One of the best home gym workouts designed to tone your body and lose maximum fat in the shortest period of time possible.

The exercises from training allow you to increase glucose absorption capacity, aerobic strength and cardio vascular functions.

The high intensity cardio routine is fast, simple to perform and doesn’t require any equipment. A fast circuit that will train: legs, butt, abs, arms, chest, shoulders and back, a simple workout of 7 minute for a full body tune up.

The 7 Minute Workout is a “scientific” training that minimizes the time it takes to reach good physical shape from all points of view.

The video guide (with timer) illustrate 12 simple exercises that can be done anywhere! You can do the workout at home, it is practical since no equipment is necessary (just a simple chair) and is fast since it only lasts 7 minutes.

In addition, to increase the intensity and effectiveness of the workout just repeat the workout.

The video offers a virtual personal trainer who, step by step, guides you in the execution of the exercises, indicating the execution times and the interludes, and also highlighting the possible errors of execution of the exercises.

The virtual personal trainer motivate and guide you to focus and get the most out of exercises.

The exercises provided by the 7 minute workout are 12:

  1. Jumping Jacks (aerobic exercise)
  2. Wall Squats (for legs and buttocks)
  3. Push-Ups (for arm muscles, chest and shoulders)
  4. Crunches (for abs)
  5. Step up (for legs and buttocks)
  6. Squats (for legs and buttocks)
  7. Triceps dips
  8. Plank (for abs and flat tummy)
  9. High Knee Run (cardio and abdomen)
  10. Lunges (legs)
  11. Side Plank (oblique muscles – hips)
  12. Push-up with rotation (to train arms, chest and shoulders)

Just 7 minutes a day to burn fat, rev-up the metabolism, build strength and muscle and improve health.

Move Fat Burning Hit Workout

This training works both your butt and your legs. The 2 move Hiit has been proven to be one of the best fast – burning calories. It accelerates your metabolism for even extra hours after your training.

This is a real-time “tabata style” workout for Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days. This means you’ll be moving for 20 seconds, and resting for 10 (or less) seconds. You can use this video to follow along with Katya and Paul Monje through the whole routine.

It’s great cardio and will target and activate most of the muscles in your body.

These are the 5 HIIT exercises:

  1. Ice skaters
  2. Overhead squat press
  3. Hip drivers (sagittal plane)
  4. Frontal plane swings
  5. Wood choppers

You’ll repeat these exercises over 4 rounds.

Remember, when you do HIIT style workouts, make sure you are already warmed up.

Always be mindful of your breathing and form as you progress through the workout. If your goal is burning fat, combine this HIIT workout with a clean diet, and you’ll drop unwanted weight even faster.

Summer Triceps Toning Challenge

Triceps kickbacks, triceps pushups and triceps extension target your triceps.

Between each round you can just try running in your place. Running is considered to be a good cardio routine.

20 Minutes Back and Shoulder Hit Workout

Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days : You can choose a list of routines such as burpees , rows , pushups and more… to challenge your muscle endurance. It requires 20 minutes to achieve that goal.

  • Circuit 1
    • 10 Burpees
    • 10 Push-Ups
    • 15 Squat and Press
    • 24 Up Down Plank (Alternating Sides)
  • Circuit 2
    • 30 Mountain Climbers
    • 20 Renegade Rows
    • 10 Shoulder Presses
    • 10 Push-Ups

More details can be found on 20-Minute Back and Shoulders HIIT Workout

In Conclusion

In conclusion, in one month, you can lose 10 pounds. you can achieve that!

To get lean muscles, a tight body and a well-shaped heart, you can just follow the 10 best workout lists!

Caution & disclose: Before undertaking any physical activity it is important to consult a doctor.